Glaucoma Treatment and Surgery in New Hampshire and Southern Maine

A glaucoma diagnosis can be heart-wrenching, especially if it’s caught in mid-stage. Often, there are no symptoms other than gradual vision loss. Although there isn’t a cure, treatment options including surgery are available, and Excellent Vision will explore those options with you. We are proud to have helped countless patients make an informed glaucoma treatment decision.

What Are My Options?

What Are My Options?

Once you’ve had a thorough ophthalmology exam, your ophthalmologist can recommend a comprehensive glaucoma treatment program. Treatment options could include any of the following options:

  • Eye drops: Eye drops are used to help control eye pressure. The drops get absorbed into the bloodstream. Be sure to tell your ophthalmologist about all of your current medications during your consultation.
  • Pills: Depending on how the glaucoma is affecting your eyesight, medication may be prescribed to help dry out some of the production of fluid.

If neither eye drops nor pills work to correct some of your eyesight, then we will most likely recommend surgery.

How Should I Prepare for Surgery?

Your surgery preparations will be fully explained during your consultation with one of our ophthalmologists. During this time, we will schedule your surgery and let you know of anything you will need to do to prepare. There is no major preparation required for most patients—just show up ready, and our team will help make sure you are comfortable every step of the procedure. Most surgeries are completed right in our office, and our technicians will follow up with you after surgery.

Post-op care is just as critical as your pre-op. It is important to arrange a ride home after your surgery.

If you have been noticing a gradual loss of vision, then contact Excellent Vision today by filling out our contact form or calling us directly at 603-430-5225 to schedule an appointment. We can assess and diagnose your condition and determine the proper treatment. We offer three convenient locations in New Hampshire and Maine.